Week 5: Creating your own images

Many Web 2.0 tools exist that will help you create images that you can upload to your blog. When you rearrange images and text they are called mash-ups or remixing. Using the following links you will create your own images.

Activity 1:

Visit one or more of these sites and learn how to create an image. Make sure to add your creation to your blog.

Image Chef: This site lets you customize signs and pictures with your own text. These images make fun additions to reports, cards, your blog, and anywhere.

Big Huge Labs: This site lets you mash images into magazine covers, movie posters, puzzles, CD covers, trading cards and more!

Wordle: Generate a word cloud from text that you provide. We have used this site to tell book reviews. Choose different fonts, colors and layouts to tell a story. Maybe create a Wordle for Teen Tech Week!

Tagxedo: Another word cloud generator to try!

Aviary: This site lets you draw and edit images as well as audio. You will have to set up an account first.

Make Beliefs Comix: Create your own comix strip even writing in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Latin or Italian! Maybe create a comix about yourself!

Dvolver: This site lets you create simple movies with bubble text using a set of characters and backgrounds you select on the site. You don’t need an account, but you will need to create and save your video in one session; you cannot return later to edit it.

Animoto:  You can upload or select images and music, then generates a video with stunning transitions. To give credit to the images and/or music you upload, you can add an image file with URLs for these items. You will need an account to create an Animoto video. I have an educator account that you can use if you’d like to try it!

Glogster: Create a poster using images, music, video and text to express yourself. Take a tour of the best glogs and how students have used them to tell a visual story.

Capzles: Social storytelling to go with your slide and it creates the audio

HelloSlide: Give voice to your presentations. Just type the speech for each slide and the audio narration will come to life in twenty languages.

Activity 2: Write a blog post describing your experience or learning in creating images or video with your chosen tool in Activity 1.

Activity 3: Now, write a blog posting about what site(s) you explored and how you think you could use this software for school projects or for fun. In your posting, link to or embed what you have created to share it.





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