Library Technology Week: January 26-January 30

During part of this spring semester you will have the opportunity to learn about blogging in addition to many Web 2.0 tools for learning. Teen Learning 2.0 was designed by the California School Library Association and includes “10 Things” or lessons/activities that can be completed on this discovery learning journey. The tutorial will introduce you to lessons in Digital Citizenship, copyright, Creative Commons, evaluation of information sources and other information literacy skills supporting the California Model School Library Standards.

Welcome to Learning 2.0—enjoy your 2.0 discovery learning journey. This week you will be creating your blog using and I will add your blog to the “blogroll” of other students in this course. I also have additional students linked to use as exemplars for various assignments during the semester. Review the blogging guidelines and learn to navigate your dashboard. 

I look forward to your growth as responsible online digital citizens.