Library/Technology Students: week of February 2-6

Teen Learning 2.0 was developed by the California School Library Association so that you can learn to use some of the new Web 2.0 tools both for your schoolwork and just for fun!

In addition to creating your own blog this week, we will also be participating in Digital Learning Day 2014. National Digital Learning Day is on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 to celebrate innovative teaching that makes learning more engaging and encourages exploration of digital learning. You will be exploring a “day in my digital life” using Poll EverywhereEdublogs, and Google forms.

This tutorial was first designed for teachers and it was organized around “23 things.”  You will explore several topics during the semester.  A due date will be set for each topic which includes multiple activities and new tools to learn.

The most important thing you will do is post to your blog about your learning.


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