Week 1: Digital Citizenship

Topic 1: Digital Citizenship

Here are some questions for you to think about:

What is digital citizenship?

What are the rights and responsibilities of a digital citizen in today’s world?

By exploring new online tools and using them to publish online in this tutorial, you will get to experience many new ways to be creative. You will also have the freedom to interact with friends in new ways and possibly even with people from around the country or the world. With that freedom, comes the responsibility to practice good etiquette as a digital citizen.

Activity 1: To help you explore these topics and try to answer the questions above for yourself or through conversation with your friends and classmates, here are a few short videos for you to watch:

Privacy: Post to be private and Social Networking

Protecting Your Reputation online

Your Digital Footprints: Visit this site and click to play “A Tale of Two Footprints”

Activity 2: To see whether you have a “digital footprint” established already, try going to Google and searching for your name. You may be surprised by what you find. Your digital footprint will stay with you your entire life, so you want whatever people may find about you online to be positive.

After you set up your blog (in Topic 2), you will write a posting about your thoughts about digital citizenship. Make sure to label your post as Topic 1: Digital Citizenship.

Activity 3: Read the Blogging Guidelines for Students from this link provided by CSLA Teen Learning. Write about your thoughts on the blogging guidelines for students. Were you surprised by any of the guidelines? Is their a guideline that you think should be added?


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